Motivating Self Talk

power-of-self-talk Hello again. If you are reading this as a previous follower you should know I am no longer a shakeology or beach body user. I decided that I wanted to chew my food so here I am again,  resurrecting this blog in order to accomplish a few things, like, preserving my old content and continuing the journey. I really am not concerned with loosing a bunch of weight and posting all the pics herein, mostly I just want to be happy and free.

If you read my last post you know that I have vowed to stay off the scale for the next year. I don’t care about the numbers, I don’t care about my clothes size. This, for me, is a journey in what life will be like without all the outward measuring tools. I will focus on measuring the inner self, and doing things that I know will stick.

I am exercising regularly and reading lots of books right now. We still home school and I work part-time. Life is so busy and making good food choices is hard, the pace of life can be grueling and it’s easy to neglect oneself in that regard.  Food prepping is all the rage, I just can’t get on that bus. It’s full of blue and white plastic containers filled with wilted veggies and grilled chicken, gah, maybe someday, but not today. Tonight we had scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, peppers and onions, with a piece of toast. It was delicious. I ran 3 miles today, yay me.

I read another blog about this girl trying to lose weight. Honestly, it’s extremely sad. She really is dying to be thin, her whole world revolves around it. She is hard on her herself and analyzes every bite she takes, I am not going to be that girl. I simply don’t care anymore. Not apathy to the point of letting go, giving in or giving up, but to the point of caring enough to know when to stop the insanity. It might take me longer to get to a healthy body size this way, but I am convinced it will happen. I am replacing internal dialogue like this:

Ugh, you really just ate those chips and the carbs are going to be immediately stored as fat, well better go ahead and finish the bag, then the ice cream, because today, is ruined. 

With this:

Dude, those chips were delicious! Gah! They are my favorite! I could seriously eat them every day, but then they would get old and I wouldn’t enjoy them as much, so I should just have them once a week, yes, once a week it is! Now, go finish this day, it’s going to be great, just like you!

This internal positive dialogue is so much more motivating. Today I ate some tater tots with cheese and ketchup, I munched them right off the cookie sheet. I don’t think I had very many but instead of letting that mess with my head I went right on out for my run and had a small piece of pumpkin bread w black coffee as a mid afternoon snack. It’s all just food after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the value in macros and micros and protein over carbs. Sugar is addictive and fat is where it’s at my man, yeah, yeah. I’ve don’t it all before, literally. I have done every diet known to man, almost, and I am feeling done. I am using the level-headed approach. I have foods that I generally want to keep out of my daily diet but I don’t think I can do keto right now. I miss the great veggies,  beans and whole grains.

It doesn’t matter how you eat, if you want to follow me on this journey to self acceptance and health I would love to have you. If you are obese, morbidly obese, skinny, rail thin, thick, healthy thick, average, muscular, no matter the body type, we should support one another. My gorgeous, thin, fit friend was talking with another friend just like her the other day, they were talking about how crappy they feel when they weigh every day. I said then stop weighing! What are some weight loss myths that you are giving a swift kick in the arse? What self-sabotaging habits only make you feel worse? Let me know in the comments, we’re in this together!grow-through-what-you-go-through-https-t-co-rjhe9nlkqp-22316011




This is a bit of an experiment on myself and I am apprehensive but anticipatory. I am stepping off the scale and will not weigh myself for a year, a far cry from the 8-10 times a day I was weighing several months ago.

Life is a journey and I need to make this trip, I have nothing to lose…but, guilt, shame, false sense of self, self hatred, self loathing, etc.

I am tired of waking up in the morning and stepping on this beast that tells me how I am going to feel about myself. I am sick to death of the sadistic dance with this demon appliance. I want to continue my weight loss journey as one of positivity and experience without the burden and shame that comes from weighing myself. I don’t care about the number anymore. My goal is to live an active, full life apart from this measuring tool and I have to tell you, I already feel free.

I would like to invite you to follow me on this journey and join me if you like. I will share the books I am reading and activities I am engaging in to facilitate self care, self love and self acceptance. I am also involved in a small group to stay accountable. I plan to take pictures of my food, and various other things I find interesting.

As for my food, I have no plans to strictly diet. I am focusing on real foods and less of the types that I don’t have much control with. I hope to infuse some humor into this blog, I don’t take myself real seriously and I plan to try and have some fun with this.

Join me and share your thoughts about getting off the scale for a year in the comments! Do you think you could do it? Why or why not! Thanks for stopping by!

Homeschool Shomeschool

<p>There is a definite learning curve with this homeschooling thing. Currently the kids are cleaning the house, dusting and vacuuming and I may throw in some bathrooms. They didn’t seem to be “on board” with our agenda…so I changed it. I really need to be consistent with them these first few months so that they know what is expected. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.</p><p>So today’s outings are, bookworms readers club at the new library, which we will probably do even if we have a non productive morning. But, I put swimming on the table and I think they have lost that. This is where the hard part comes in, wanting to do fun things with my kids, but knowing that losing their privilege may be the absolute best thing for them, and for my sanity.</p><p>Trying to start again…wish me luck!</p>