30 Day Challenge


I am currently on day three and hesitant to make another video. This kind of sucks. I mean, what if I decide to keep my fat and unhealthy lifestyle, what then? Maybe then this can become a seriously dark documentary about living with obesity. In which case I will change the name of this blog to, Ro Does Obesity. I’d like to think that something has clicked inside me, but that wouldn’t be honest. Nothing has clicked, but the realization that I chose to be obese, has. I feel a little bit like there is a simplicity I never really wanted to believe. I can be healthy, if I want to be healthy. I can lose weight, if I want to lose weight. The beginning of that journey starts with me leaving Fellsorryforyourselfville, and marking a determined path to Geterdonesville.

I know this won’t be easy, nothing of great importance is. So, is this of great importance to me? Do I want to be active with my family? Am I ok with being uncomfortable in my own skin, even when wearing sweat pants? Am I ok with spanks being a part of my daily routine? The answer, simply stated, NO. I am not ok with these things and I am trying to pump myself up for real change. Not just, “Oh Rolanda lost 50 lbs! Have you seen her?!” And a year later, “Oh, have you seen Rolanda, yeah she gained back the weight:(” Cue sad trombone.

Ok, enough. Here is my online journal that is private for now. Some have been invited, mainly those whom I trust will not point and laugh at me in public. I am doing this for accountability purposes. If I fall off the wagon, that’s ok, just walk over to me, give me a warmhearted smile and a swift kick in arse. I’ll get back up.



3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you girl! You made me tear up in your first video…darn you!! I really appreciate how honest you are being with all of us you invited to view this blog. I can understand all that you are saying and I am praying for not only weight loss success for you in this journey but a satisfying fullness in your spirit!! Oh, btw I was not able to view the second video underneath…it was marked as private! Let me know when you change that so I can watch. Love ya! Oh oh, enjoyed our talk this morning, we need to keep it up!!

  2. Cool…finally saw the 2nd video! I wish we lived closer…I can so see us doing this together!! Since we don’t, keep up the videos and blogging and let’s be better about keeping in touch. Looking forward to your visit soon!

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