Ok, so apparently all this time I thought this blog was set to private and I’ve been seeing that my stats are like 50 views per day, and I was like, “What?Why?? I ‘ve only  invited like 8 people to view this blog and half of them haven’t actually accepted yet. So finally I realized that the posts were actually set to public viewing…duh. I am a total newb. I changed it, and now all bets are off, I can post without the fear of public ridicule.

Update- I am realizing that I can’t figure this out. For some reason, there are more hits on this blog than could be possible with the few people I’ve invited. Somehow, it’s not completely private. I guess as long as I am not linking it in FB for casual acquaintances to peer into my lunacy and deepest thoughts, it’s ok. Somehow I am much more comfortable with strangers seeing this than people I know. I still haven’t invited my Dad and step Mom…what’s up with that??


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