Late Night Snacking

I just got back from seeing Jim Gaffigan, that was awesome. Love a night of good old fashioned gut busting laughter, cures what ails ya, that’s what Gramps used to say. Who am I kidding? I didn’t have a “Gramps” and if I did he wouldn’t have said that. I had a Granddad and a Grandpa and neither of them really talked to kids. So there. Just kidding, they talked to me all the time, “Hey kid, go get yer ol’ Granddad another beer would ya? And no that’s not a question.” Oh, I’m a liar. My Granddad didn’t even drink beer. He drank whisky. My mothers going to kill me. Whatever, I just wish she read this blog, she’s too busy watching American Idol to care about my WLW. You know, weight loss wows. Mom, you know I love you, and Granddad was a fine man, a farmer, and I loved it when he would scare me by sticking his falsies out at me.

Anywho, I digress. JG was redonk, that’s suburbia cool mom speak for off the chain. What’s that mean anyway? My point is this; I’m eating an apple, which is my entire reason for this entry.  I wanted to update the masses, and by masses I mean the two people following this, that I am making good healthy decisions at 10:20 pm. I am Huunngeerie. So, I grabbed an apple. Yes, I want a medal, or at least some kind of certificate of achievement, complete with a gold embossed seal of authenticity from Michaels craft store. It would mean a lot, if either of you get the hankering.

That’s all for now. Sweet Dreams.


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