Good Stuff

Soooo much to write but I won’t. What I will do is tell you what I am excited about. Today is day 1 of a 3 day cleanse I am doing using Shakeology. You can read about it here.  Like I said, it’s day 1, so I feel like I could snatch someone bald-headed right about now. I am however, really excited about attempting to remove caffeine from my diet. I love me some coffee though…

I have watched some really awesome shows about nutrition lately, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a great movie about the nutrients we eat. Click on the link to watch the show in its entirety on Hulu. Would love to start juicing but not ready to buy a juicer. Hubs says I have to craigslist the piece o’ crap food processor/juicer I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond on a whim. Look out unsuspecting bargain hunters:)

Is sugar toxic, find out here. And read this article about how sugar ties into addiction. So much good information!

I have lost about 13 lb. and have 5 weeks until my first goal date, May 12. So I really need to lose about 3 lb a week to hit that goal, but I’m not going to fixate. I feel so good right now, I feel like I am really taking care of myself and feeding my family differently. My husband and I are both getting more active and I can’t wait to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit. But, I still have this looming fear. Fear that I will just wake up one day and stop, stop trying and start binging again. What if I fail again? Then I remind myself that there is not such thing as failure if I continue to be honest with myself, continue to love myself, and continue to focus on the positive. Setbacks are a given, but learning to love myself and truly comprehend that I deserve this, I deserve to treat myself with kind, loving respect, and to feed myself well.

Next topic: Anxiety and Healing, I gotta think about this one a bit more. Have a blessed day:)



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