Using Food for Comfort

Ok here is something else. While I haven’t binged, I have sought food for comfort. I’ve eaten all my old comforts, chips, sweets, fries, junk. And honestly, it’s tasted like ashes. Ashes of hurt that I’ve burned and am returning to, a nasty old friend that only wants to destroy me. That’s the thing about addiction of any kind, its enticing and romantic at first and before you know it your dead in the water without control. I realize now more than ever that food is meant to for me to master, it’s here to give me energy and keep me alive, and pleasure when used within the confines of hunger and fullness. But it will kill me and take my passion for life right out of my soul if I try to use it to make me whole. It will never fix anything for me, ever.

That’s all, peace out.


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