Goals for today:

1. Eat well, meaning healhty.

2. Do a little weed pulling and get a weed mat ready for mulching at least in 25% of yard.

3. Clean the bathroom.

4. Exercise.

5. Love myself.

Sometimes it sucks when you get invited to the pity-party, you show up and the company is no bueno. That’s why today I am going to have an attitude of gratitude. I see why so many people talk about thinking positive, because if you don’t then this world could take ya down pretty quick.

Have a great day all.


2 thoughts on “Att-Grat

  1. If you are pulling weeds it must be nice outside. I am a sucker for spring time when it is not raining. But if it is nice outside, why clean a bathroom…hehe

  2. It is nice and I didn’t even get out to the weeds. Ended up crashing a church rummage sale while they set up and buying a bunch of crap that didn’t even have prices yet…but I got the bathrooms done;)

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