Me…and a few progress pics

This is a blog about me, a mid-western girl who grew up in the Southwest, spent her twenties in the ATL and moved to KC to find the man of my dreams and have a few babies. It is the beginning of something I have always wanted to do. I am here writing about who I am and what I hope to become, what I love about me and what things I would like to change. It is a creative outlet for me to express myself, while attempting to shed 90 lb.. Because If I’m not trying’…I’m dyin’.

I hope that my thoughts inspire you the way others who paved the way before inspired me. I hope that I can inspire myself to live beyond the cheeseburger.


Progress thus far. Journey began on Feb 28, these pics were taken on MAy 11. Beginning weight 255-250, recent weight 220-222. It’s a fat girl trick to always leave a tiny bite or two on your plate, makes people think you aren’t being such a greedy girl. You simply eat almost all your food, then sneak back for more, then leave a little on the plate and very dramatically push the plate away from you, put your hand to your head and declare, “I simply cannot eat another bite, get this food away from me!” In the same vein of that old, manipulating fat girl trick, I will always post a weight range. The scale varries as I do the dance on it several times in the morning. The toes to the side, then weight on my heels, next feet close together and then far apart…it’s just what I do.

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