Motivating Self Talk

power-of-self-talk Hello again. If you are reading this as a previous follower you should know I am no longer a shakeology or beach body user. I decided that I wanted to chew my food so here I am again,  resurrecting this blog in order to accomplish a few things, like, preserving my old content and continuing the journey. I really am not concerned with loosing a bunch of weight and posting all the pics herein, mostly I just want to be happy and free.

If you read my last post you know that I have vowed to stay off the scale for the next year. I don’t care about the numbers, I don’t care about my clothes size. This, for me, is a journey in what life will be like without all the outward measuring tools. I will focus on measuring the inner self, and doing things that I know will stick.

I am exercising regularly and reading lots of books right now. We still home school and I work part-time. Life is so busy and making good food choices is hard, the pace of life can be grueling and it’s easy to neglect oneself in that regard.  Food prepping is all the rage, I just can’t get on that bus. It’s full of blue and white plastic containers filled with wilted veggies and grilled chicken, gah, maybe someday, but not today. Tonight we had scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, peppers and onions, with a piece of toast. It was delicious. I ran 3 miles today, yay me.

I read another blog about this girl trying to lose weight. Honestly, it’s extremely sad. She really is dying to be thin, her whole world revolves around it. She is hard on her herself and analyzes every bite she takes, I am not going to be that girl. I simply don’t care anymore. Not apathy to the point of letting go, giving in or giving up, but to the point of caring enough to know when to stop the insanity. It might take me longer to get to a healthy body size this way, but I am convinced it will happen. I am replacing internal dialogue like this:

Ugh, you really just ate those chips and the carbs are going to be immediately stored as fat, well better go ahead and finish the bag, then the ice cream, because today, is ruined. 

With this:

Dude, those chips were delicious! Gah! They are my favorite! I could seriously eat them every day, but then they would get old and I wouldn’t enjoy them as much, so I should just have them once a week, yes, once a week it is! Now, go finish this day, it’s going to be great, just like you!

This internal positive dialogue is so much more motivating. Today I ate some tater tots with cheese and ketchup, I munched them right off the cookie sheet. I don’t think I had very many but instead of letting that mess with my head I went right on out for my run and had a small piece of pumpkin bread w black coffee as a mid afternoon snack. It’s all just food after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the value in macros and micros and protein over carbs. Sugar is addictive and fat is where it’s at my man, yeah, yeah. I’ve don’t it all before, literally. I have done every diet known to man, almost, and I am feeling done. I am using the level-headed approach. I have foods that I generally want to keep out of my daily diet but I don’t think I can do keto right now. I miss the great veggies,  beans and whole grains.

It doesn’t matter how you eat, if you want to follow me on this journey to self acceptance and health I would love to have you. If you are obese, morbidly obese, skinny, rail thin, thick, healthy thick, average, muscular, no matter the body type, we should support one another. My gorgeous, thin, fit friend was talking with another friend just like her the other day, they were talking about how crappy they feel when they weigh every day. I said then stop weighing! What are some weight loss myths that you are giving a swift kick in the arse? What self-sabotaging habits only make you feel worse? Let me know in the comments, we’re in this together!grow-through-what-you-go-through-https-t-co-rjhe9nlkqp-22316011


The Dream Crusher & The Latin Rock Band that Made it all Better

Lots on my mind tonight. First of all I have to confess something. I made cookies yesterday, just enough for the kids and thier friends to each have one of my homeade buckaroos. It’s my grandmother’s recipe, cocnut, chocolate chips, oatmeal, and I add some coarsely chopped almonds, yum. There was one that happened to be left over, I tried to get my friend to eat it and she declined. So there it sat, all day log, alone, on the cold glass stovetop.

Later, I came home from dinner and a movie with my family, and there it sat, still alone, rejected… scrumptious. So I took it, into my hand and gave it a home, in my tummy, with all the other bad food from the night. Later, I invited acai dark chocolate berries to the party. It wasn’t a good feeling, to go to bed full. I am getting used to going to bed hungryish. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I am still having trouble with the big breakfast thing. I would rather do meals this way; price, king, pauper.

I went on a ride to the community center tonight, ready to swim some laps and ride home. My brick workout, where you stack two types of exercises from the tri. Being the newb that I am I forgot a lock for my bike and the silver headed rule follower working the front desk was under no circumstances going to let me bring my bike in. I all but begged, but no, said she didn’t want to be yelled at being new and all. That, and I suspect it gave her great pleasure to crush my dreams. Why do some people roll like that? I pictured her later that night eating her pot pie watching wheel of fortune feeling quite satisfied with herself, as if she’d done some great favor to the universe.

I ended up riding twenty miles and loving it! Tomorrow I will try to swim and run, but the best part about tonight was my new clip-less pedals and shoes. It felt a little like wearing tap shoes and bike riding but it was great! I don’t know if it was the coffee, or the shakeology I mixed with it, or maybe even the shoes but my ride was phenom. The hills were cake, I had no problems with them. I’ve been told that the shoes would help on hills and they must have, it was an entire different riding experience. Kudos to they guys at Epic bike and sport in near Parkville, Mo. Those guys are certifiably the best crew and bike shop I’ve been in so far. Which is why I pass two other bike shops and go all the way over there from Liberty to shop them. Service, it still works.

So I rode and rode and could have ridden another ten easily. I made myself go home because it was getting dark. Oye Como Va, the Santana rendition not the Tito Puente version, is now my official last song of the ride, it’s perfect. I’ve fallen in love with cycling.

Take What You Need

I feel like writing a bit more. I can tell because I am constantly churning out thoughts and sentences in my head while I do laundry, therefore I know it’s time to sit back down again. Sigh. I got some encouragement from a friend today. She wrote, “You are an inspiration!” on my fitness pal wall. You would think I’d run with that and feel elated all day. In reality though, I heard that negative old friend come right back at me. Oh yeah, you lost twenty pounds, big deal, give it time…you’ll gain it back and then some. You always go back to the food. 

Shot thru the heart. Cut to the seen when Mary leaves Loyd Dunn at the airport, he grabs his chest in pain, reaches one arm out and sings, goodbye my love.

Shaking head back and forth. I don’t know where that voice comes from. Maybe it’s me, the pessimistic, self-sabotaging girl that doesn’t think I deserve to change. Maybe it’s the devil, he’s nasty enough I guess. Whoever it is, it’s right. I have always gone back to the food. In my entire adult life I can only remember one time that I weighed under two hundred pounds. It was when I was twenty years old and just getting used to being a single mom in college. I was reading lots of good books, hanging with some good people, exercising and doing my best to make some serious changes. I think I got to about one ninety when life threw a fast ball right at my face and wham bam thank you mamn, yes I would like to upsize that please. I spiraled back into the comforting arms of food.

So here’s where the real battle begins. Twenty pounds. That’s great, but anyone, I mean anyone, can lose twenty pounds. How about ninety though? That’s what I have to lose total. It takes more than a little exercise and food changes to lose ninety pounds, it takes life change. So, am I ready for that kind of life change? Yes, I believe I am. I recognize that food is my fix. Plain and simple, it was the socially acceptable vice until I got so big I was uncomfortable. I have to allow myself some failures along the way. I won’t change overnight. I have gone back to food a few times, and each time I do I recognize it and take the necessary steps to combat it. Sometimes that means talking positive to myself, sometimes I get on here, sometimes I call a friend, each time, I pray.

I will fail, I will take a few steps back every now and then, but I am on a journey. A journey that doesn’t stop ninety pounds from now. A life long endeavor that seeks to find different ways to cope with problems other than scooby-dooing an entire bag of lays. I’m learning to breathe and be comfortable with an empty feeling in my stomach, I even welcome it sometimes. I’ve had some tough stuff come my way this past few weeks and quite honestly I didn’t know if I would make it. The anxiety, the fear and the sadness crept in and I immediately wanted comfort from the place I knew I could find it the quickest. By the grace of God I held my ground and asked what He was trying to teach me. Dependance, utter dependence on God for everything I need, so easy to type, so hard to put into action.

I still can’t quite picture my life without the food. I am still in a place of longing and from time to time I romanticize it. I dream of dinners with burgers and fries. And that my friends, is exactly how addicts live. I am no better than an alcoholic or drug addict except that excessive food is legal, for now. I am fully engaged in this journey though and admit I enjoy living without the morning sting of remorse for the bingeing done the night before. That is reason enough to stay the course, reason enough to continue. Besides, I owe it to myself. Goodnight.

Take What You Need